“One of the most animated, energetic and captivating spoken word artists I’ve ever seen.” // Patrick Whyte - WLS Designs

Smart Mouth

Jason Alexander was born in 1984 in the city of Winter Haven, FL. In 2003, Jason moved to Tallahassee, FL receiving a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the School Of Business at Florida A.M. in 2007.

Jason Alexander, walked away from “Corporate America” and founded Smart Mouth Saturdays since December 3rd, 2011. Jason hosts Smart Mouth Saturdays a monthly open mic show, which features some of the best spoken word artists, vocalist, and comedians Central Florida has to offer. Though Alexander credits the talents of the many performers for Smart Mouth’s success, he is not shy to the stage. “I’m definitely fulfilling my dreams,” said Alexander, “I’m doing what I love, and I’m helping people in the process.”

Jason Alexander, Polk County native, is young, fresh voice, on the scene. Whether with a rapid rhythm or a slow, smooth flow, J. A. will pull you to the edge of your chair and leave you there. His youthful observation and his slick story-telling style are taking the spoken word world by storm. Wait 'til he gets a hold of you.